"I'm not the world`s greatest director, or the most famous.

But I can do my job pretty well"

- John Carpenter

IF - Show Reel 2014

Prod: Lunide

Mission Moon - Commercial

Client & Agency: Chevrolet Gulf - Jaidah Group

Prod: Lunide

GT-86 Experience - Web Com

Client & Agency: Toyota

Prod: InDaPROD

Hagakure - Visual Poem

Prod: Lunide & Sleepless Production


We Are Doha - Web Série

Prod: Madcats

Naturé Moi / Episode Plage - Commercial

Client & Agency: Biopha - Mediagora

Qatar Discovery - Brand Content

Client & Agency: Qatar Airways - Firefly Pictures

Prod: Lunide

Once - Short Film

Prod: Lunide & Sleepless Production

A Printing Office - Visual Poem

Prod: Lunide

HOME - Short Film

Prod: Lunide & Les Machineurs